Postmortem Sonnet I

Prompt: Write a personal critique from the point of view of Shakespeare

Punctuation’s memory does not a poet make
Nor should rhyme scheme be gazed at waysided
Aside: Solace! The King’s Men she’d not partake!
But a play by rules, she’d mock: closed-minded…

If I could walk again among tomorrow men’s tomorrow!
Shudders down my selfsame spine lost hopes eternal…
But a line from my page, they’d surely grasp to borrow!
Remains Black Death longing, white flag ne’er to unfurl…

A rose is a rose, a modern poet, not so sweet
Reaching otherward for a way to stay same meaning
Rotten mouth betrayal, untongued for indefensible defeat!
Hope rising tides eternal as muttled language is careening

But alas! I have stayed and long since passed away
And she, for at most some longer, alive will stay

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