an agile development

underwhelming overwhelmed underwhelming overwhelmed ten by two feet on the ground ten by two hands tapping keys too much nothing to accomplish but no body at the helm to much nothing to accomplish too few problems out of realm.

try to work after work always work except at work do nothing much at all go through motions do enough. job and self intact while the mind is wasted turns to mush. stay in place a willing cog in waves in ways but a broken part in more. 

but what’s more? what is more? what? i question. what? i ask. i resent all that i know don’t know i pause to contemplate what futures have been missed. but when to say when when not enough becomes too much. when to say when and what for? what’s more?

i can leave could walk away would fly toward the sun but know how that one ends. i’ve stood here i’ve waited to accomplish nothing never except to be present for pay get paid for appearances convert drives into futures missed stay stagnant safe and sound secure.

today i say ‘when.’

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