The brains of Great Lakes fish contain antidepressants. I pour a beer to save my soul. Self-medication: choose chemicals by consequences. I make choices so I cannot fear.

Remember when we drank to avoid bacterial sickness? Me neither, but I heard that’s how it started at some prior timeline tick. Here we filter down to so much in the nothing, and leave behind more than what’s not misprinted on the label.

You point out point by point until there’s no unasked question left unanswered. It’s an illusion of generosity of over-specifying facts. It’s not knowing what you don’t know you’ve been missing. It’s a lie disguised as clarity.

Unfiltered water causes chemical imbalances. I’m sure my food contains complications too. I’d go hungry and thirsty, but that’s no way to live: it’s just a way to die purer sooner.

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