tiny spheres

I am inspired by people I have and will not meet; I have known a few of them. I am inspired by those who reclaim their own defeats; I have had a few, myself. I learn from what I read. I learn to be human from fiction. I write a letter. I sign my name. I influence a tiny sphere.

I am inspired by people who see their story as theirs to tell; I know too few of them. I am inspired by those who laugh at their own tragedies; I laugh and cry at once. I have one point of view. I exist under a dome. I am inspired by divergent interpretations of what it means to exist under that same dome.

You ask what it was like, and I insist it’s all the same; it always goes the same. You ask why it feels different, and I insist it always feels different; it’s a constant state of steady change, but only ever here and now.

This one lifetime. This witnessing of others. This reach without a grasp. This comparing and this yearning, but the only ever witnessing of others. This aversion to staying in place to enjoy just one rotational motion. This life under this one small dome; these influencing tiny spheres. 

2 thoughts on “tiny spheres

  1. I check in here once in a while to see the world through your view..a practice in empathy, attempt to absorb your sphere to add to all the other spheres I’ve absorbed, till my world-view is like looking through the eyes of a giant fly… though your particular sphere is like it’s own fly, and I don’t think it’s the result of empathy because you seem to have fairly little of that- that said, you’re still pretty ‘fly’ 😉 (overly-exaggerate the wink, plz)
    Anyway, your blog is usually good for a laugh.. I start off blazing a trail like a guide through a dense jungle, hacking through thick, tangled vines of thought in search of the golden city that tales say hides somewhere in the depths of the jungle. Though I invariably catch up to wherever I last left off, tired, sore, face set with grim determination…and find I’m more lost than when I began. So I look all around and say ….WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!?! WHAT IS ALL OF THIS.

    So, I usually have a good laugh! I’d imagine it’s akin to the laugh of a fool who’s got themselves irrevocably lost in a jungle, and is realizing their doom.

    So the point is, if you haven’t laughed at yourself lately- give it a try! You’ll never escape. You’re doomed. Enjoy 🙂


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