the enigma of coexistence

Some words stick to me
like thorns in my side,
right now it’s just:
An enigma, an enigma.

A gun is loaded
with question marks.
Can we still relate
with bows and arrows?

Questions, unconcerned,
like ideas, undiscussed,
lose their power.
My focus isn’t broad enough.

Think about
________the propagation of crystals
________in a cooling solid,
________beginning at a tiny seed.
________Rigid structures
________that form as they repeat.

Think about
________heat due to friction
________due to disagreements
________in fundamental matters,
________resulting in
________changes of state.

Think about
________the equilibrium of existing,
________in two or many states.

Think about
________both synonyms and antonyms
________in relation to one word.

Think about just one word.

Think about
________electrons and protons in one atom,
________sunrise and sunset in one day,
________ebbs and flows in one ocean,
________light and shadow in one place,
________pros and cons in one argument,
________red and blue in one state,
________ad nauseum.

Think about
________the structure of science and nature
________and their fundamental laws
________as guidelines for behavior.

Think about coexistence.

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