conversation with a ten-digit number

I want to know who this is and I think I do but if I am correct it is no one I was ever friends with or (if I am honest) even liked and purely out of my own disappointments and dissatisfactions I do not like it when people I was never friends with and honestly never liked text me since those seem to me to be the only people who do text me all randomly while the people I was or am friends with or did or do like don’t bother and I’m all eclipse triggered to begin with and therefore as a baseline underappreciated and misunderstood and rambling and I woke up startled to start this day and week by Walter scratching plastic boxes that contain multiple shifts in thought. I shift my thoughts.

The number tells me I should study cryptocurrencies the number tells me it used to be just like me the number assumes it knows me the number tells me in response that it also hopes I never change. But its words its next words are still suggesting taking an interest in interests I do not and do not want to have regardless of their potential.  I have interests: they consume me. I have beliefs: I hold them dearly. I have the idealistic thought of a world where individuals value the exchange of ideas, as one would a currency. I am idealistic. I believe in the importance of the cultivation of a cohesive point of view before advocating for opinions. I am trying. I am against technological advancement for the sake of providing too many unimportant choices. I say this. I am against mindless consumerism for the sake of today’s entertainment. I am repeating still unaware of who, if anyone, is listening on the other side.

The number tells me there is good and bad and in response that those are not purely human constructs. But look at everything else We have constructed and don’t stop there but look at all We have destroyed. I have the feeling this stops at the agreement to disagree I have the feeling this stops with me not answering I have the feeling of being just like this number but before it decided to gave up and move on and learn about the future as it is already written and as it will take over if there is no one holding onto the past. And I do hope that I never become like this ten-digit number if to become like that number means to make suggestions to someone who is trying to hold onto all that is being let go of in the present for the future’s presumed sake. I hold onto the past.

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