Blame the Eclipse

Some animals may display nighttime behaviors, so tuck your cats in bed. Sunrise and sunset sit side by side blinding, avoid a direct gaze, but keep an unturned head. The market for special sunglasses is a spike before a crash. Take out your phone, and document in 0s and 1s, if you want your fond memories to last.

I sit in work, and I think of where else I could be: I think where you are. I sit in work, I think I missed my chance to watch something akin to planets actually aligning by your side. I think something akin to planets aligning must have happened to have had you by my side. I wish I had more photographs to help those memories last.

I think about harnessing the power of the eclipse to get back to where I want to be. I think about symbolism and a cosmic shift. I think about nonsense like the future of the past, and how rare and transient it is for paths to cross and for lives to align.

Today, I am here at work and the sun will be blocked out. Today, you are elsewhere; the sun is always blocked out.

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