The People

The People congregate to talk about Things They don’t know much about, but want to seem like They do. The People stand in circles counting pieces of bubble gum by pairs of shoes. The People are grouped into Discrete Anger Classes, within which They raise their Concerns. The People light matches, flick them into community parks, and watch them while They burn. The People are texting The People on their Phones while the People around Them are texting the People on their Phones and the People on the Phones are answering the People who texted the People on their Phones. The People forget how good it feels to be in a public place and completely alone. The People practice facial expressions proving happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, and indifference in a mirror after a hot shower. The People vote the People into office with individual misinterpretations of what it should mean to be in power. The People cleanse their sins by pointing out the sins of others; the People point out Fatal Flaws. The people think about crashing cars into 10,000 different monuments, each representing a no longer supported cause. The People don’t have to listen to reason; the People don’t have to believe. The People have the Right to Chatter, the Right to Bicker, and the Right to be Deceived. The People watch their Televisions to learn how to behave. Some people learn when it’s too late and take their lessons to their graves.

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