couple’s therapy

The come-up is a pause when your face is close to mine and I feel your breath’s hot soft exhale as we fall each into dewdrop eyes. The drawn out moment of breaking through of realizing we’re both still here, of preparing to give into what we’ve held back too long, of clearing cobwebs from our cares.

You look at me and realize possibly aloud how long it’s been since we’ve last kissed since we could see each other clearly since our eyes corrected for the mist. It wasn’t that long – not really – but it’s been all absence building. As thoughts in minds both yours and mine as seconds pass and time unwinds.

You say we’re breaking barriers, but they were yours you built to break. I’ve been here waiting frantically, all too aware of what’s a loss at stake. I see you, and I always have, although the future’s murky muddled. So I’ll help clear rubble brick by brick, replacing should-have-never-been walls with cleared up air.

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