tiny tragedies

Caught up in petty grievances;
I, myself, a petty grievance;
rewired trying to convey
a loosely planned hypocrisy
to be unheard with my missay.

Caught as a fish on baited string
Hook-made mumbles from a mouth
Assumed escape from brief-chose allure
A puppet self-hanged by mistakes fleeting
Left dancing for future battle scars

The bees knees ache with aging angst
The clock is tick-ticking proclaiming its rank
The future is forgotten; the present is prevailing;
And the past is rewritten to correct today’s mistakes
As hard work’s head’s bowing in reverential antithanks

The political climate: a chilled glass in a desperate hand
Society vomits misthinking ill-hoping demanding they understand
A bit too soft, a bit too delicate, a bit too ready to type type type
But a skin-thickened exoskeleton is an armor battered black blue emblazoned
Reading between the mutual dysphoria of parallel lines twist-turning gone askew

Feeling nonsensing intuition’s loosing grip: introverted exclusion judges stab wounds from pin pricks. The guilty choice is one of pleasure too internally felt, and hatreds held mausoleum-bound are too-slow-diffusing ice cap melt. Retell a story blow by blow construe to no rewind. All of history building up to be summarized in one day’s time. In this putrid apoplexy of antisocial engineering, a tension is thickening as hearted hobbies turn fate-feeling. A breath of smoke breathed CO2 on grey on grey on grey. A fog swirl-lifts, and yet an unfeeble mist unmoving still stings where it remains.

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