our cats, ourselves

Walter is gloomy and mysterious; Quincy is a mix of bird and dog. Walter calls for your attention while you’re asleep; Quincy waits for the alarm to meow. Walter is graceful in movement and stillness;  Quincy stutters with caution before jumping. Walter looks into your eyes to see what else is there; Quincy cannot hold eye contact. Walter lifts into the air: effortless power; Quincy witnesses without watching: interpreting. Walter is a creature of habit; Quincy goes with the flow. Walter is a love poem; Quincy is a scientist.  Walter jumps as high as he can; Quincy is most comfortable on the ground. Walter’s tail wraps around him when he’s seated: protecting, shielding; Quincy’s tail is up in the air when he’s walking: carefree, forgotten. Walter tells you he loves you; Quincy drinks your bathwater. Walter needs Quincy more; Quincy loves Walter more. Together, both found different ways to occupy the same space.

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