don’t try

the black and white of subtleties
red lines removing hopes and dreams
misunderstood simplicities of
misrepresented symbolism
i try i try to enunciate
by typing typing punctuating
the message missing hesitating
overlooked by those who read
i try still try to say some things
the things that i am wont to say
but they’re so small
they’re nothing deep
i write them while
i’m wide awake
i try to make some sense
but sense is lost in my unrest
dig deeper now and deeper still
the treasure lies so far uphill
where i left it yours to find
a bit’s required: mine mine mine
but i believe it’s certain clearly
something held to me so dearly
belief in language deeper meaning
although today it seems unfeeling
but i’ll keep reaching reaching trying
begging for more
my fists are pounding
at unlocked doors


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