learning to procrastinate as an adult

You tell me you are blank. You are the absence of thought. You are a vessel potentially purpose-serving, but tucked away for future use.  I’ve been there – I am there – a lot of the time – too much? I’ve been there, or I’ve been somewhere that, at least (I think), is similar. What remains is the anxiety of not having much to be anxious about. What remains is the fear of doing too little; of falling behind; of responsibilities sliding unintentionally by. Tomorrow’s problems are tomorrow’s, although we could handle them right now (ambition is a creeping constant – always readying its sails). Tomorrow’s problems are tomorrow’s, but they’re disguised as the worries of today, because today is simple – it’s easy – although it’s never fancy-free. I’ve been there, I’ve been now – resenting repressing an itch for unwanted unneeded responsibilities.  But today is simple – it’s easy – take a second hour day: enjoy its full duration. Just remember (and remind me) to breathe.

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