the first day of a long-awaited spring

Twists and turns broke hearts broke bones you’re harmless harming less and less what’s left of me what’s here. You dig in claws sharpened to blades slicing flesh like water while innocently extending a hand to hold. I give you mine you pull me under you’re a head above water you’re a head above me. I watch streams of shower water raining down and joining on pale skin turned pink from heat almost too hot but bearable teetering on borderlines between pains and pleasures.

I’m here with you in pain in pleasure pausing a swelling rush of emotions levees bound to break and overflowing. I let happiness sift through I let it show – my eyes shine love longing yours to mine. You leave I’m left an unsifted mixed-bag and I hold on and I let it go – my eyes shine love longing with an unmatched unmet gaze. I call it morning they call it mourning and what a difference you make to me. My point of view my blinders on I can accept the dimming the dark.

Spark fizzle fade back to black with both eyes closed a sunrise’s sun rays’ warmth causing winter-cold patterns of goosebump-marked skin’s thaw. This end is another start: an unwelcome needed intermission. Act III unknowingly unwritten as a tragic lovelorn comedy. When you say “let’s go,” I won’t ask where you’re taking me.  I’ll go.

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