You hold onto me tightly and I cling to you too tight as I feign sleep while you sleep while my mind rushes wide awake while you kick your feet as if you’re running to or from in your dreams. When you wake up when you leave when I don’t know when if you’re coming back what my mind races for what I hope you’re not running toward. I turn over and you turn to follow me and we fit together two puzzle pieces in one of three or four perfect shapes that our bodies fall into on mattresses on pillows on floors or under trees on rocky grounds untouched by human hands building foundations save for ours save for ours. You sigh while you’re awake and you sigh while you sleep and I wonder if you know what those sighs are for what they are saying what you are holding back and thinking of of what questions I should be asking of what I am scared you’ll answer. I say I want to know you and I mean it and I’m worried but I want to and is a year in too late to get started – was a year too long a wait? I will give it a try if you’ll give it a go – a year feels too early to end. 

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