Triangles are my favorite shape,
and a veiled insult is my favorite flavor.

Orange is my favorite color,
but only when it’s winter.

Your eyes closing is my favorite farewell,
and for hello it’s when they open.

Colloquial is my favorite word
I think I learned it for class in high school.

You’re the metaphors I can’t create,
is my favorite metaphor,

And kittens are my favorite animal,
although I’ll say it’s penguins.

Underachieving is my favorite way to relax,
but it’s the only way I know of,

But listing favorites isn’t my favorite way
to write (if I can even call this) a poem.

But it’s fitting of my favorite way to spend today’s time,
which is to waste it,

And I’m sorry if that seems quite sad
Check back with me tomorrow.

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