Dovetail. Love tale. Love stories gone to waste. The rise above stories, lost down below. Below me. Blow me. Billowing willow willing, waiting, wading. Candy taken from babies and pleasure taken from it. Hay right from the horse’s mouth. “Heys” right from the whore’s hoarse mouth. Throats close. Necks breaking at breakneck speeds. Speed demons haunting speed addicts haunting enablers fixated on unrequited love. Love lost. All bets are off or at least off-kilter. A blade for a sword’s hilt. Words without filter. Inhale. Exhale. Embarrassed coughs before you pass. Passing grades. Passing out. Fleeting. Flailing. Hands where you should see them. Failing. Give help only when it’s asked for, not needed. Shoot the messenger. Kill the affected. Long live the cause because we always have. You have always lived in a castle. I have always been aware of social class. Classic tales of rags and riches. Rising out of urban jungles. Hang from trees or hanged from trees? Neither: we cleared them out. Hangouts on corners. Cornered markets seem clear in the land of possibility. Possible profits with fingers worked to bones. Yours, mine, ours.  Skeletons are wearing thin. Debts promoting desperation and causing destitution. Where went a destiny that was once manifested? “Where went the constitution?” Erase. Replace. Build quicker. Build cheaper. Don’t offer free repairs. Foreign markets’ manufacturing. Improbable dreams seem possible. Align online. Know your market segment. Sell your stock. Sell your soul. Sell your hopes and then your dreams. Sell your hair for a hair comb and your pocket watch for a watch chain. Chain-link fences put up to sever ties. Do what you want to do as long as the law abides. Smoke cigarettes. Drink until your liver’s pickled. We’ve mandated health insurance. Let’s cause the problem and strive for a solution. Let’s mock preventative measures: we have abortion. Let’s continue on an ill-paved road: it has to lead us somewhere. Let’s herd like sheep for shepherds: I hear the slaughterhouse is open.

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