The walk to the museo de arte moderno

They may not speak the language we’re flinging back and forth, but they understand the sentiment, so can we be a bit more discrete? I can’t hear a word you’re saying if you’re yelling at me since I have to plan my response performance, and are we going the right way?  If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be at home in my bed with you and without a thought of this ever happening. I’m too old for these fights, and maybe you’re not yet, but maybe that’s the complexity of the situation.

I know you’ve stopped listening by the time I disagree, but let’s just keep walking down this path. I’ll say it once more since you tried to sound sincere this time, but it’s either me or you you’re fooling. And maybe it’s not something we have to think about now, and maybe we shouldn’t have brought it up at all. But the words are flowing, but maybe that’s the complexity of the situation.

They went in circles literally and figuratively and when they both tired he felt like he lost and so did she, and they passed by the sign that read “Museo.” She said with sincerity that she tried, and he said that he used to, but stopped. And they both said they’d try harder next time, and they walked together to a bench to sit in silence as she wrote this on her phone.

There’s a feeling like a question mark when you come to a stop because you realize you’re apologizing for your best not being good enough. And he held her hand because he knew it would be over soon, but that it’d be ok. And she rested her head on his shoulder because she knew they could make it through anything, if they just stopped to catch their breath.

A circle is a shape with infinite edges, and that’s what makes it hard to break, and that’s the complexity of the situation.

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