Drugs and Other Drugs

Alcohol is a drug that’s arguably gateway, but at least the government lets us abuse it.

Love is a drug I’ve tried once or twice, but I’m building a tolerance and it’s not worth the hangover.

Marijuana is a drug that makes me look like my mother when I stare into the mirror for far too long.

Fear is a drug that makes every single move you make look like you’re reaching for the door.

“Dopamine is a hell of a drug,” said an inexperienced mouth with no brain attached, but

Ignorance is a drug that induces bliss in the abuser.

Heroin is a greedy drug that steals fathers away from children, and

Money is a drug that drives people apart – in its presence and absence alike.

And if you asked me, I’d say we blame people a little too much for substance abuse.

Because it’s everywhere.

It’s how we cope.

It’s here to stay.

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