Introductions to Books I’ll Never Write

I want to preface this by saying that I am an optimist, and as long as your definition of optimism isn’t divorced from logic, you may agree with that assertion.  I also feel obligated to tell you that you are dealing with an unreliable narrator, and that it is quite likely that you would get very different stories if you asked anyone mentioned hereafter to share their side of the story. But don’t go doing that. Don’t bother trying to fill in blanks and put pieces together.  You’ll never be able to get a full picture from second-hand accounts anyways (objectivism is dead), so you might as well just take my word for it.

What follows floats somewhere between memoir and fiction, and at this point, even I am wondering which stories I’ve recalled, and which I’ve created. But what even is the difference, and what does it matter to you?  Point of view is a powerful thing, and I plan on using it to the fullest extent of my abilities.

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