my life in objects

an assorted group of selected fortune cookie fortunes (ct: 15):

I don’t like Chinese food, but sometimes I eat it to go along with the group. I don’t eat fortune cookies, but sometimes I save their wisdom (even if it’s hollow, and written by Americans).

I started keeping fortunes when I got one that said, “Burnt bridges are hard to cross.” I think I was in high school, and anyways I probably needed a reminder to be nice (or at least not shitty) to people. I wasn’t very nice in high school – I always felt out of place – but I can’t dwell on that now.

Over the next 6-10 years, I collected 15 fortunes – 14 from meals I agreed to eat, and 1 that I found on the floor while going through a bad breakup (it read: “You have the uncommon gift of common sense,” which was probably irrelevant to the breakup, but I appreciated the world given me that complement, so I kept it and let it brighten my day). Most of them are silly, but I guess they fit what I was going through at the time when I first read them.

I am throwing these all away now, because I want to live more simply, and to designate less importance to material objects. And at 25, I am probably too old to decorate with cork boards and fortune cookie scraps anyways.

Note: I do not eat the cookie if I want the fortune to come true. I am sentimental, not superstitious.


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