made of honor

I watched as they walked down the aisle – stopping and smiling for each photo op. I watched as the “I Dos” were exchanged and the cameras snapped. I even played my part as a well-placed prop to help set the scene. I listened when he responded, “it’s your photo album,” when she asked if he wanted to take pictures by the fountain.  

And then we sat down for a toast – each drinking our beverages as they arrived – liquids quenching impatience more than thirst.  I watched as they sorted through photos, picking the best ones for Facebook, while the sun was still at the same point in the sky as it was in those images.

“It goes by so fast” they reminisced, while I was still in the moment. “It really does,” she agreed, veil still on her head.

And we wonder why life feels so fleeting.

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