after all of this time

When I was younger, I thought that only one person was allowed to be good at something at a time. My cousin loved to read and write, and when George W. Bush ran for president, she supported his campaign because she believed in something, although she was too young to vote.

My cousin wanted to be a lawyer, and a writer, and a journalist.   Probably at overlapping, yet discrete times, and probably still (though she works at a bank). She was interested in politics, and (at times) used words I didn’t know. And though we read together, and created stories, hers was the realm of words and logic. She got to have the ideas, and to be the leader (I was younger, after all).

I got what was left over to be good at.  I got math, and I got science, and somehow I got dancing, and those talents took me through engineering school (where I learned to hate engineering) and gradate school (where I learned to love analytics).  I think I could have made a great lawyer (for reasons other than my libran birth date), but I’ll never be a lawyer, and I don’t regret that.  I’ve sworn off politics for so long, that I have morals instead of a stance. I can’t help but write, even though I’ve written it off for so long as something I do, but not a hobby. And maybe that’s true, after all.

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